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The Seychelles with its islands, beautiful beaches and it´s sense of life is one of the world's most beautiful holiday destinations. The most famous islands are Praslin and La Digue. Weather: All year round you can expect a warm temperate climate. The Seychelles  topographically belong to Africa and are in the western Indian Ocean. The climate is influenced by the monsoon: from December to March by the northwest monsoon, followed by a windless transition phase in April. From May to September there is a rain-poor but stormy period brought by the southeast monsoon, again followed by a windless period from October to November. Severe storms are rare. The sunshine duration is due to the islands nearness to the equator up to 12 hours per day (from 6:00 o´clock to 18.00 o´clock). The temperatures fluctuate between 24 ° C and 30 ° C all year long, the sea water temperature throughout the year is at approximately 26 ° C. The humidity is always more than 80 %.

On the whole Seychelles there is left-hand traffic. There is only one traffic light in Victoria. The currency is the Seychelles Rupee. You can expect a very green vegetation with its world famous granite rocks. The interplay of the very unique cliffs and white sandy beach will keep them next to the Creole cuisine long remembered. The Seychelles are also the only place in the world where the "Coco de Mer" grows, which is a special kind of coconut as you can see in the pictures below. With its unusual shape and a weight of up to 20kg, it is one of the most popular souvenir.

Coco de Mer

The Seychelles are the ideal place to relax. You can do this in addition to relaxing on the beach and a host of other possibilities. There are beautiful hiking trails through tropical rainforest to the secluded beaches and culinary small restaurants. A wide choice of excursions we hold for you. If you would like to be accompanied by a local guide.

Coco de Mer

The islands of Seychelles belongs to the continent of Africa and you will meet other conditions than in Europe. But there are no tropical diseases such as Malaria, and no dangerous animals. So you don’t need any vaccinations before traveling. Of course you should not forget during your stay that you are in tropical climes, and should abide by some rules. Prior to your stay, we will give you right tips and advice. If you have questions, please call us at every time.



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